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About Elligson Design

Elligson Design is a full-service website and web application development company. Working with clients around the world, we craft websites, web applications, and other technology products that help our customers reach their target market, engage visitors, and achieve their conversion goals.
Since 2005, Elligson Design has been crafting beautiful and powerful websites, designed intentionally to help our clients achieve their goals. Elligson Design works with organizations to develop a personalized plan to help identify and achieve their goals in an ever-changing digital world.
With a strong focus on customer service, Elligson Design aims to remove the stress that often comes along with web projects. Throughout their experience with Elligson Design, our clients work exclusively with one project manager who dedicated to ensuring their new web presence is exactly what they desire.


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Exceptional customer service is our #1 concern at Elligson Design. Beginning the moment we first speak with a client, all members of the Elligson Design team are concerned with one primary goal: making the entire process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for our client.
We believe that by engineering a stress-free and enjoyable experience for our clients, this same commitment to excellence will carry over into the work we deliver. As we work with our clients to craft their vision, we are consistently looking for ways to create exceptional web experiences for their customers.
"Don't judge a book by its cover." Everyone has heard this advice at one point in their lives, but does it really hold true with consumers? In the case of websites, companies are judged within seconds of a customer first viewing their website. Regardless of old phrases, design is incredibly important.
At Elligson Design, our graphic designers use the most powerful tools available. The focus of our designers is two-fold: captivate a customer's attention, and ensure they can easily find their way. Our designers provide gorgeous designs, making sure customers see our clients in the best possible light.
Development is the cornerstone of every web project. From informational websites to industry-leading educational tools, every web presence needs strong, organized, and efficient coding in order to make it run. While design makes a product beautiful, development makes it functional.
Elligson Design crafts powerful code. Our developers aim to develop clear, concise code, which helps our clients' applications and websites load faster. In a society of consumers with ever-shortening attention spans, Elligson Design's developers work behind-the-scenes to help our clients reach their customers.
Infrastructure is the backbone of any web operation. Good infrastructure design helps websites load faster, keeps mission-critical websites online, and ensures data security. While unknown to customers using a website, proper infrastructure design makes a huge impact on their browsing experience.
Elligson Design has experience working with the internet's most reliable infrastructure providers. From Amazon AWS (powering Netflix & NASA) to Rackspace (powering Domino's & VEVO), Elligson Design partners with industry leaders to develop secure, reliable, and lightning fast infrastructure for our clients.
At Elligson Design, we focus on optimizing websites for use on any size device. With an ever-increasing number of mobile devices in the hands of consumers, ensuring our clients can reach their mobile customers is essential. Our designers and developers work together to build mobile-ready solutions.
Search engine optimization is an ever-important step in the development process. Elligson Design's developers regularly review Google's guidelines to ensure our clients' websites are complying with the latest regulations. This helps our clients' websites appear higher in search results, and ultimately, reach more customers.

Our Work

At Elligson Design, we are extremely proud of the work we do. Below is a hand-selected collection of some of our favorite projects.

The Weiser Kitchen

Design • Development • Infrastructure • Optimization
In need of an advanced recipe management system and publishing platform, The Weiser Kitchen turned to Elligson Design to provide a cutting-edge solution.
The Elligson Design team worked with The Weiser Kitchen to build a complete suite of recipe management tools. From beautiful layouts to a powerful nutrition label generation system, we guided The Weiser Kitchen through the entire design and development process.
Running on infrastructure designed by Elligson Design, The Weiser Kitchen reliably reaches customers around the globe.


Design • Development • Infrastructure • Optimization
Kornukopia is an industry leader in cloud-based learning management systems. Working with member schools across the United States and abroad, Kornukopia needed a cloud-based platform with 24x7 availability.
Elligson Design developed Kornukopia from the ground up. We worked with Kornukopia to build an incredibly powerful learning management system that runs on any web-enabled device. Today, Kornukopia is trusted by schools worldwide.
The Kornukopia Learning Management System runs on Amazon AWS. With infrastructure engineered by Elligson Design, Kornukopia automatically scales as demand increases, ensuring this critical educational tool stays online.


Development • Infrastructure • Optimization
Having just launched an application aimed at improving nutrition and decreasing hunger in the United States, Foodtweeks needed a marketing platform to spread the word.
Working with Foodtweek's in-house design team, Elligson Design's developers took Foodtweeks vision and converted it into a responsive website and marketing platform, optimized for any device size.
In a strategy to increase app downloads, Elligson Design partnered with an SMS gateway provider. This allows Foodtweeks visitors to send a download link for the Foodtweeks app to their mobile device in real-time.

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